Promoting Nonprofit Organizations

Promoting Nonprofit Organizations by Ruth Ellen Kinzey, MA

Promoting Nonprofit Organizations is a practical guide to developing and implementing a strategic public relations program to enhance a nonprofitís reputation.
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Using Public Relations Strategies to Promote Your Nonprofit Organization

Using Public Relations Strategies to Promote Your Nonprofit Organization

Explore an easy-to-follow explanation on why nonprofits must take a more business-like approach in their communications. You will discover instructions on how to make newsletters, annual reports, speakers' bureaus, and board selection easy yet effective.
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Strategic Reputational Management Solutions

Our goal is to design customized strategic solutions for your organization to help you navigate your reputational journey. Whether proactively charting your organization's course or responding to a crisis, we are there to help.

Strategic Planning & Communication

Strategic Planning Services

Every organization has multiple audiences with which it needs to communicate and build effective relationships. To manage your reputation with each of these groups, it is critical you develop a clear image and communication strategy, along with a well-designed plan to keep you on target and within budget. To make certain your public image is consistent with your organization's brand attributes, vision and culture, we provide support through a menu of strategic planning services:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Plan Development
  • Key Message Development
  • Issues Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Public Relations Planning
  • Internal Communication
  • Relationship Development with Key Constituents
  • Reputation Management

Communication Support

Need assistance with key projects, initiatives or specific messaging? Let us help you communicate with critical audiences such as employees, media representatives, community representatives, consumers, special interest groups, government agencies, elected officials and investors.

Corporate Responsibility

Developing or refining your corporate social responsibility strategy? We help you examine and design critical elements of your corporate citizenship platform to create plan sustainability, enhance your reputation, engage your associates, and connect it with your corporate vision and branding work.

Workshops & Customized Coaching

Training, customized workshops and individualized coaching sessions are available. Whether helping your managers improve their communication skills, conducting practice sessions for your spokesperson, assisting executives improve their public speaking skills or reminding your sales force of key communication principles, we work with you to create a unique educational package that meets your objectives.

Workshops and training sessions address subjects such as:

  • Media Training
  • Crisis Communication Planning
  • Executive Speech Coaching
  • Polishing Presentation Skills
  • Developing Managers into Communicators Who Lead
  • Creating Brand Ambassadors
  • Reputation Strategy Design
  • Public Relations for Nonprofits
  • Communication in a Changing Environment
  • Creating a Strategic CSR Strategy
  • Internal Customer Service
We also facilitate planning sessions and meetings.

The Speaker Connection

Need a speaker for your organization? We address a variety of communication and reputational topics including:

  • Communicating with Style
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships
  • Managing Crises
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Factor
  • Effectively Managing Your Reputation
  • Creating Brand Ambassadors through Employee Engagement
  • Helping Associates Adapt to a Changing Environment
  • Media Relations 101
  • The Sustainability Factor
  • Are You Engaging or Alienating Your Work Force?
  • Your Personal Brand

Your Chief Communication Officer

Don't feel you can afford a full-time Chief Communication Officer to develop your company's strategy and plan? Concerned you don't have a cohesive or strategic approach to deal with your multiple stakeholders or don't have sufficient internal resources to complete the work? Want to make sure your key messages are properly packaged for your diverse audiences but no one on staff to design this? Have a key person out on medical leave or the position vacant and need assistance directing critical communication efforts for a limited period of time?

Let us help. We can develop the strategy, prepare the messaging, and attend the meetings, just as an in-house Communications Officer would, all without you adding a full-time position.

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