Promoting Nonprofit Organizations

Promoting Nonprofit Organizations by Ruth Ellen Kinzey, MA

Promoting Nonprofit Organizations is a practical guide to developing and implementing a strategic public relations program to enhance a nonprofit’s reputation.
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Using Public Relations Strategies to Promote Your Nonprofit Organization

Using Public Relations Strategies to Promote Your Nonprofit Organization

Explore an easy-to-follow explanation on why nonprofits must take a more business-like approach in their communications. You will discover instructions on how to make newsletters, annual reports, speakers' bureaus, and board selection easy yet effective.
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"A positive reputation must be built strategically,
protected fiercely, and enhanced whenever possible."
Ruth Ellen Kinzey, MA

Whether a business or a nonprofit, your reputation is a foundational component of the equation that can lead to your success or failure. And, building and maintaining a positive reputation requires more than luck.

Not sharing your positive story, failing to take corrective action when your organization's reputation is at risk, and a self-made crisis... These negative reputational factors erode the reputation you've established through the good works you've accomplished and your many successes. On the other hand, sharing your progress - whether it is about your sustainable practices, your commitment to the community, your industry-leading employment practices, or your financial integrity - builds awareness of these actions and contributes to your reputation as a trustworthy citizen.

While you can't entirely control how your organization is perceived, you can help to shape it through thoughtful risk management, crisis avoidance, and crisis management procedures. You also can establish a positive identity through meticulous reputational planning, ethical behavior, proper plan execution, and strategic communication.

All of this may sound like a significant undertaking, but Lucille Ball - an extremely successful comedian and business woman - at a time when women weren't thought of as business leaders and females tended to avoid the male-oriented profession - said: "I don't know anything about luck. I've never banked on it, and I'm afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else; hard work and realizing what is opportunity and what isn't."

Enhancing and protecting your organization's reputation is hard work. We're here to help. Just let us know what you need. We're listening.

Ruth Ellen Kinzey, MA
The Kinzey Company

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